CARDS has been created to support projects from small infrastructures to large ones, offering a tailored strategy for each of your perceptions. We ensure that the artistic and technical follow-up is clear throughout the process, giving you the confidence and confidence to make your projects a reality.

Our mission is to provide a seamless and sustainable solution that combines creativity and technicality to bring your concepts to life. With more than 20 years of experience, STUDIO CARDS has more than one trick up its design sleeve! Indeed, our teams contribute to offer the best solution: from the first sketches to fully functional prototypes.



In a range of sessions using critical thinking and generative techniques, we strive to solve the key design challenges and define the objectives that will become the pillars of the project.

Studio Cards Process 1

We manage our projects (both current and anticipated) by defining a thematic axis, in order to converge creative approaches and build our solutions. The client’s wishes drive the development, defining the constraints to be considered for the future.

Traditional and digital 2D sketches are central to our presentation work. Studies and verifications at every stage allow us to follow the thinking and direction of our clients during the design process.

Studio Cards Process 2

We carry out project work for all companies involved in 3D design and surface activity (CAS and Class-A) related to automotive design and related products. All work is carried out by industry experts: the utmost rigour is duly observed. We work with specialised technicians for work related to different sections such as: exterior, interior, seats, lighting, etc… Your obvious satisfaction is our demanding guarantee.

Our team of rigorous professionals is expert in translating design intentions into 3D. Indeed, there is only one step from concept modelling to Class A surfaces. CARDS ensures that the transition is seamless on all levels. Design and implementation are carried out in the same geo-located location. This increases efficiency and reduces lead times.


Engineering and reverse engineering are part of CARDS’ arsenal of skills. Thanks to its partnerships and collaborations, CARDS enables the project actors to surpass themselves and to preserve a project follow-up throughout its realization in accordance with your expectations!

Studio Cards Process 3